The cat is sitting.


Кошка сидячаяКошка сидячаяКошка сидячаяКошка сидячаяКошка сидячаяКошка сидячая
Кошка сидячая

The exquisite "Sitting Cat" is a collectors item! The figurine is made of transparent crystal with a satin, matte finish. It looks very realistic. The Lalique "Cats" set includes seven sculptures: "lying cat", "sitting cat", "happy cat", "cat with a ball", "stretching cat", "playing cat", "cleaning cat". René Jules Lalique, the greatest jeweler and artist, creator of the world-famous French brand Lalique, is one of the leaders of the Art Nouveau style. He drew inspiration from the contemplation of nature. The crystal animals created by the masters of this manufactory acquire symbolic meaning. The talented perfumer Lalique gained worldwide recognition not immediately. The "assistant" to René was the legendary Sarah Bernhardt, who was so impressed by the works of the jewelry master that she began to appear on stage exclusively in his creations. Together with such a client as the well-known legislator of the world, Lalique obtained many of her faithful followers as clients. In 1889, the young talent left his teacher's workshop and opened his own studio. Lalique's jewelry was simply innovative - the master was the first to use tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, horns, crystal, pearls, and enamel. After a while, Lalique expanded the scope of his interests: besides jewelry, his boutique began selling lamps, vases, and even tableware. In 1905, the jeweler opened his first store in Paris and within a couple of years received an offer to develop perfume bottles for François Coty. Age 1980-1990, brand Lalique, size cm h.9, material crystal.

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