Two ballerinas

Kiev Experimental Ceramic and Artistic Factory

Two ballerinasTwo ballerinasTwo ballerinasTwo ballerinasTwo ballerinas
Two ballerinas

Theme: Ballet, opera, dance

Factory: Kiev Experimental Ceramics and Art Factory

The statuette "Two Ballerinas" by O. L. Zhnikrup, one of the famous sculptors of the Ukrainian SSR, was created. Ballet has always been a relevant theme in sculpture. The language of dance, expressed through refined and graceful movements, turned ballerinas into instruments of high dance mastery. But behind the scenes, the dancers who conquered the heights of the world of art became ordinary girls again.

The statuette captured the behind-the-scenes side of ballet - two artists in their packs and pointe shoes, engaged in conversation. Through her work, the sculptor emphasized the human essence of the stage masters, at whose feet thousands of fans laid lavish bouquets. Against the background of the supremacy of Soviet ballet, which impressed the world with its outstanding prima ballerinas, the composition demonstrated the creative potential of the great country, once again proving the superiority of socialist society over bourgeois imperialism.

Today, when the USSR no longer exists, and the once friendly relations between the former republics have become complex, it is time to revive lost values and remember the achievements that were within reach of ordinary girls.

14 May 2024

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