Dahl Jensen


Incredible porcelain figurine "Dachshund", Dahl-Jese, Copenhagen, Denmark. Dimensions: height 5 cm, the figurine is miniature. Model number: 1131. Hand-painted underglaze. Excellent detailing and excellent craftsmanship by the master. Sculptor: Dahl-Jese Jes Peer, years of life: 1874-1960. There are initials of the artist who painted the figurine: MN. Condition: the figurine is of grade I, without chips, damage, or restoration. A worthy specimen for your collection. Many artists love Dachshunds. For example, Andy Warhol was known for his attachment to dogs of this breed, taking them to interviews and allowing them to "answer" questions he didn't like. When Picasso met David Douglas Duncan's Dachshund, a well-known American photojournalist, he fell in love with the animal at first sight. This love was captured in Duncan's photographs. David Hockney also loved Dachshunds, he had two of them. Age range: 1884-1960, Dahl-Jese brand, size 535.5, material: porcelain.

07 Dec 2023

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