Children running away from a thunderstorm

Leningrad Plant named after Lomonosov

Дети, убегающие от грозы

Size 28 cm. Author's work for an exhibition at the end of the 1980s in the USSR, Leningrad Porcelain Factory. Most likely, it is a unique piece. However, this figure is included in the factory's product catalog. It is a rare item. I don't know why there is no stamp, although the author's name is present. The quality of the item is evident from the photos. The condition is perfect, stored in a display case. The title is "Children Running from the Storm." Hurry to purchase, as I will soon exhibit it on other platforms and may increase the price. There is potential for growth.

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23 Apr 2024

Lot location Saint Petersburg ( 78 )

Check the delivery methods with the seller when making a purchase

Please check the payment methods with the seller when making a purchase

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