Art Nouveau Ceramic Vase with Bronze Mounting

Керамическая ваза в немецком стиле

A German Art Nouveau bronze-mounted glazed ceramic vase. It is likely stoneware, with a light blue running glaze on a dark green background. The vase has a wide, ovoid shape with diagonal shoulders and a wide opening. It is mounted on a square base. At each corner, there are four stylized, elongated struts that end in two curved handles or in pierced peacock eye motifs with corresponding opalescent glass cabochons. There is an indistinct press mark under the glaze. The mounting bears an engraved inscription that reads "Donated by the individual cyclists of Düsseldorf for the best floral decoration of an individual cyclist. XXI Bundestag D.R.B. 1904." The vase measures 22.7 cm in height. In 1904, the Federal Festival of the German Cyclist Association took place in Düsseldorf. Comparable vases were produced by Scharvogel, Hank and Merkelbach, among others.

03 Dec 2023

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