Bird Trjasoguzka

Royal Dux

Птичка ТрясогузкаПтичка ТрясогузкаПтичка ТрясогузкаПтичка ТрясогузкаПтичка ТрясогузкаПтичка ТрясогузкаПтичка Трясогузка
Птичка Трясогузка

Wonderful in all respects the figurine Trjasoguzka Made of porcelain From the famous Royal Dux manufactory Mid-twentieth century A real find for a collector or porcelain connoisseur Porcelain figurine Trjasoguzka is rare, therefore, it represents a collector's interest. Handmade author's work The extraordinary plasticity and realism captivate the eye Among porcelain manufacturers, Royal Dux Bohemia (Austria-Hungary) holds an honorary place. Coffee sets, plates, cups, dishes, vases, figurines have been produced for over a century and a half under the well-known brand. Starting from 1900, the factory experiences a period of prosperity. The main merit belongs to the modeler and artist Alois Hampel, who set the tone for the work for 55 years. Under his leadership, the factory reached a new level, starting to produce high-class porcelain with a very rich decor, with elaborate ornamentation, stylized elements. The products were exported to many countries, had representations and sample warehouses in Berlin, Amsterdam (and not only). Five hundred people worked in the factories, which was considered incredibly large for the beginning of the century. The results of their work were duly appreciated: 1904 - Grand Prix prize at the World Exhibition in St. Louis; 1906 - silver medal at the exhibition in Milan, gold - in Liberec. Figurative porcelain is painted by hand with special paints. After firing, the color becomes bright, and the surface becomes shiny and smooth. Thanks to the high temperatures, the figures are not affected by external influences and remain picturesque for a long time. Porcelain products are valued for their beauty, original shape, delicate painting, and high-quality finish. Porcelain products have private stamps. Each manufacturer put a distinctive mark confirming the authenticity of the product. On porcelain, the stamp is put on the bottom of the figurine with a special non-erasable ink. This porcelain figurine looks very impressive and atmospheric. It will be a beautiful decoration in your home, or a worthy exhibit in any collection. And also, a good gift for friends and loved ones. Height - 15 cm Width - 18 cm

18 May 2024

13 300,00




By the manufacturer Royal Dux

Type Figurines

Lot location Kaliningrad Oblast. ( 39 )

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