The boy with a broom


The boy with a broomThe boy with a broomThe boy with a broomThe boy with a broomThe boy with a broomThe boy with a broom
The boy with a broom

Beautiful, collectible figurine Boy with a broom The figurine sets a good mood Made of porcelain From the famous "Hummel" collector's painting Products of this factory are produced at the Goebel company factory according to the sketches of Berta Hummel The Goebel brand is one of the most prestigious brands in the world in the field In 1935, Franz Goebel's grandson found new images for porcelain figurines. Famous HUMMEL statues fly all over Europe. They make Goebel unique and famous for many years as "Hummelwerk." In 1971, the Goebel company celebrated its 100th anniversary. The culmination of the 100th anniversary celebration was the unveiling of a monument in the form of a figurine of a Hummel boy. On May 21, 1909, a girl named Berta (Berta Hummel) was born in the family of a merchant named Adolf Hummel in the Bavarian town of Massing. From an early age, Berta loved drawing, and at the age of 12, she was admitted to a school for girls in Simbach, where the English Ladies Catholic Order taught. Here she created her first illustrations for Friedrich W. Weber's book. Her paintings impressed the sisters so much that they sent several copies to a publishing house in Munich specializing in books on religious art. And it released Berta's work in the form of postcards, which were very popular at the time. In 1934, a collection of Berta's drawings was published. Soon after that, Franz Goebel, the owner of porcelain production, saw these postcards in one of the Munich stores. Goebel was just looking for a new artistic line for his factory. He suggested making porcelain figurines based on Berta's drawings. In 1935, the statues had a staggering success at the Leipzig trade fair. Porcelain figurines continued to be produced in Germany until the end of 2008. M.I. Hummel signed her works not only with her name but sometimes with an image of a bumblebee - a kind of "coat of arms", a symbol of her surname. Height - 10 cm.

07 Jun 2024

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By the manufacturer "Goebel"

Type Figurines

Lot location Kaliningrad Oblast. ( 39 )

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