How to store money without losing it.

How to store to not lose money

You take a risk when buying art. It would be frustrating if you successfully choose a piece, it increases in value, but you still sell it cheaper due to mold or fading colors.

Paintings, graphics, and photographs do not like direct sunlight, while books are sensitive to humidity. On an antique table, you cannot place tea cups, and it is better to clean a bronze candlestick with patina using a simple flannel cloth. It is advisable to clarify with the seller the conditions under which the artwork should be stored.

Almost any artwork in our price range can be kept at home - a bank vault is not necessary. However, it can be insured against theft.

Old art is often counterfeited. Authenticity is determined by three factors: provenance (origin), art historical, and technical-technological expertise. The more transparent the history of the object's transfer from owner to owner, the more confident you can be that it is not a fake.

But neither a perfect provenance nor an expert opinion guarantee authenticity.

If someone offers you a Mane drawing for 130,000 rubles or even more money is at stake - this is a reason for paranoia. Order an independent scientific expertise at a museum or research center. A preliminary examination without complex research costs 600 rubles. Not all contemporary art will appreciate in value. With a sum of 100,000 rubles, you have to choose from young and promising artists, which means the chances of making a mistake are higher: many of them will not become famous and in demand.

Invest only in those works that you truly like - you will have to look at them every day. Art appreciates slowly.

  • Look for art at auctions, galleries, and directly from artists. Safer option - at auctions. More profitable - buying directly.
  • Read news and analysis, look for patterns to understand who to buy and when to sell.
  • Find out how to store your artwork to avoid losing money due to flaking paint.
  • Verify the authenticity of the artworks, evaluate the risks, and choose what pleases the eye.

Art appreciates slowly.