Buying and selling of antique products

Buying rare items and antiques to add to a private or amateur collection is not as easy today as it was a few years ago. The economic downturn and the excess of various products on the market have led to a decline in prices for vintage items, and the number of people interested in selling them has also decreased by half. Sellers of antique coins, furniture, kitchen utensils, and other vintage items realize that it is not easy to find a buyer interested in purchasing their goods. Visitors to our online platform can quickly learn about auctions where antiques and contemporary art items are put up for sale, and they can also participate directly in the bidding. The auction offers customers the works of contemporary artists as well as unique antique items. Buying and selling antique products When clients want to sell or buy antiques at an auction, they often encounter difficulties related to a fair and up-to-date evaluation of the item. If this happens, the visitor to the online platform sends a request to the appraiser specialist through their Personal Account. After 1-2 days, the administration of the antique auction responds with exhaustive information regarding the client's request. What antiques can you buy? At the auction, you can sell or buy the following types of antique items: - Works of fine art. This is a general term, mainly referring to paintings, icons, sculptures, graphics, etc. If the authenticity of the item is proven and its belonging to a famous master is established, its price will be quite high. - Antique books, brochures, and magazines. Printed materials released at least 50 years ago are considered antiques. The most expensive and valuable books are those that were published before the reign of Peter the Great. Books with autographs from internationally renowned authors are also considered valuable.Musical instruments (string, wind, keyboard, etc.). Antique furniture, vintage mirrors, wall clocks. Coins, orders, medals, award insignia. Kitchen utensils, silverware, ceramics, porcelain vases, and other interior items. These items can be sold profitably at an auction rather than taken to a consignment shop. Handmade decorative items. Antiques are products that are at least 50 years old, in some cases even 100 years old. Vintage items from the 20th century may be exhibited at an antique auction. This is done only when there is demand for them and buyers are available. Tips for buyers: Invest only in what you like, do not follow trends blindly. Purchase original items by well-known artists. Acquire ceramics and glassware that have survived since pre-war times. When buying jewelry, pay attention to the designer's name. Search for and find truly rare items. Beware of counterfeits. Online visitors can browse the catalog of vintage items on auction, find out the time and conditions of the trading, as well as familiarize themselves with information regarding payment and product delivery.