Powerful abstraction of Mathe in Paris.

George Mathieu

Powerful abstraction of Mathe in Paris.

(1921 Boulogne-sur-Mer - 2012 Paris) Untitled Powerful, gestural abstraction Mathieus, who is considered the protagonist of French Informel, which he enriched with his calligraphic brushwork to new aspects. After studying literature, law, and philosophy in Lille, Mathieu began painting in 1942. He rejected geometric abstraction, as represented, among others, by Suprematism, and instead pursued a spontaneous, gestural painting that he propagated as "lyrical abstraction". Inspired by Japanese calligraphy, Mathieu worked spontaneously and with great speed and vigorous movements, without rational control and compositional rules. The process of creation took center stage, resulting in spectacular painting actions and happenings. Acrylic and watercolor/Arches paper (watermark and blind stamp). Signed and dated 2000, with a personal dedication from the artist. Sheet size 57.5 cm x 76.8 cm.

25 Apr 2024

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Author George Mathieu

Style Abstractionism

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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