Successful lady with longing in her soul. Oil, canvas.

Camilla Zakirova

Успешная леди с тоской в душе Масло, холст

The painting depicts a wealthy and successful lady who dedicated her whole life to her career, chasing after money and fashion, which we can see in her clothing and her stern expression. But when she acquired everything she was chasing after, in old age, she realizes with sorrow in her soul, which is evident in her eyes, that she missed the most important thing, time for life. In reality, she lived a life that she didn't want, but one that would define her status in society. She was afraid of what others would think of her, afraid of being seen as a failure, and other things that are unacceptable to society. Realizing all this, she becomes nostalgic. This painting wants to convey the message that one should not chase after something, but rather live life, regardless of status, boundaries, and stereotypes. One should live their own life, and that will be the happiness everyone is searching for, not living for the opinions of others, proving their success to them and other actions in life. Life is given only once!

01 May 2024

99 000,00




Author Camilla Zakirova

Style Abstractionism

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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