Augsburger Rococo Henkel Schale translates to "Augsburg Rococo Handle Bowl" in English.


Silver. Of feet in the form of small branches with delicate foliage, carried by a deeply molded ovoid body. Curved, fourfold articulated, ascending wall with a set, slightly protruding rim. Adorned with volute handles on both sides, embellished with plastic rocailles. Gilded inside. Signed, marked, Master Philipp Caspar Scheppich (became a master in 1741). Weight approximately 350 g. Height 7.8 g, 23.5 cm x 13.8 cm. See Seling 2007, No. 2334, BZ 2420. A German Rococo silver-handled bowl by Philipp Caspar Scheppich (master since 1741). Gilt inside. Assay and master's mark. German. Augsburg. 1773-1775.

03 Dec 2023

330 000,00


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