Marco Giner


Manufactured by Marco Gier, Spain.

Collectible figurine "Tahiladesa". Dated 21st century. Dimensions: height 43 cm, base diameter 26 cm.

The figurine on the stand "Tahiladesa" is numbered N25. It comes with a certificate. Limited edition of 2000 pieces. Presumably depicting Kiari. Kinnaari in Thai literature originates from India but was modified to fit the Thai mindset. Thai Kinnaari is depicted as a young woman in an angel costume. The lower part of her body resembles a bird and is supposed to allow her to fly between the human and mystical realms. These creatures are part of the retinue of the god Kubera; they are similar to gandharvas in terms of occupation - heavenly singers and musicians. Condition: excellent preservation, without damage or restoration. Age: 21st century, in good condition.

02 Jul 2024

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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