Porcelain statuette "Grace"

Royal Doulton

Porcelain statuette "Grace"Porcelain statuette "Grace"Porcelain statuette "Grace"Porcelain statuette "Grace"Porcelain statuette "Grace"
Porcelain statuette "Grace"

The porcelain figurine "Grace" from the English Royal Doulo factory, created by designer M. Nicol. Collector's number: HN 2318. The model of the figurine was produced from 1965 to 1981 as part of the "List of Royal Doulo figures". Height: 21 cm. Excellent condition: no damages or restorations. A beautiful statue of a girl in a green skirt and jacket, enjoying ice skating. Bright and delicate Grace from the well-known English factory. Age: 1965-1981, brand: Royal Doulo, pattern number: H 2318, size: 21 cm, material: porcelain.

11 May 2024

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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