Viennese Art Nouveau Table Centerpiece

Busch and Ludescher

Венский фаянсовый сервиз с глазурью и росписью

I present to you an exquisite Viennese glazed and painted earthenware centerpiece. It is made of terracotta and has a beautiful brick-red color. The shape of the piece is cylindrical, with a freely turned scalloped body. Adorning the exterior are three standing putti boys, skillfully modeled and holding garlands. In between them, on the rim, sit three white birds. This masterpiece bears the model number 1571, as well as the factory mark and the monogram of the painter, "LK". It stands at a height of 16.5 cm. This remarkable piece was created by the renowned Viennese ceramic workshop Busch & Ludescher, which operated from 1908 to 1930/31. The workshop was known for its collaborations with numerous well-known artists, who designed figures and modern decorative ceramics. It was considered one of the most significant ceramic firms in Vienna. The workshop's creations were exhibited at the Austrian Museum from 1909 to 1915, at the Brussels World Exhibition in 1910, and at the German Industrial Exhibition in Munich in 1922. The Vienna glazed and painted earthenware centerpiece with putti and birds is a true testament to the artistic excellence and craftsmanship of the Viennese ceramic tradition.

15 May 2024

209 000,00



By the manufacturer Busch and Ludescher

Type Tableware

Lot location Tomsk region. ( 70 )

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