Cadinen - Figure of a falcon with songbird as prey

Фигурка хищной птицы

This is a terracotta shard, brick red in color. It features a fully sculpted representation, with a polychrome glaze or paint. There are some restorations. It was created by Arthur Steiner around 1930. The model number is 532. It bears the manufacturer's mark. It measures 23 cm in height. Please refer to Wolf's "Cadiner Majolica" for an illustration on page 204. This is a German East Prussian glazed and polychrome painted earthenware figure of a predatory bird, made by the Imperial Majolica pottery Cadinen. It has been restored. It was modeled by Arthur Steiner. It bears the manufacturer's mark of Cadinen/Kadyny. It was produced in the Imperial Majolica Workshop Cadinen, around 1930-1945.

05 Dec 2023

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Lot location Sevastopol ( 92 )

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