The composition "Quiet Don"

"Kislovodsk Porcelain"

Композиция «Тихий Дон»Композиция «Тихий Дон»Композиция «Тихий Дон»Композиция «Тихий Дон»Композиция «Тихий Дон»Композиция «Тихий Дон»Композиция «Тихий Дон»
The composition "Quiet Don"

The Kislovodsk Porcelain Factory has been in operation since 1975, when it began producing handmade decorative porcelain instead of ordinary "resort mugs" for vacationers.

Kislovodsk Porcelain Factory products have often received high praise and awards. Today, it is a confidently and successfully developing enterprise with its own unique style, combining high-quality products and the traditions of Russian porcelain.

The exquisitely warm and heartfelt figurines, each with its own character, form a harmonious pair. The artist has been able to convey a whole range of emotions and moods in porcelain form.

Handmade craftsmanship, painting, gilding.

Dimensions: Cossack - height - 16 cm; Girl - height - 15 cm, arm length - 14 cm.

The condition is perfect without any defects, chips, or cracks.

It fits well into any interior and always attracts the attention of those around. Options available: a beautiful gift or a worthy exhibit for a collection!

15 Nov 2023

10 000,00




By the manufacturer"Kislovodsk Porcelain"


Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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